Barons fail to contain league clinching Warriors

T.C. Cars Solihull Barons : 2
Whitley Warriors : 4
EIHA Moralee Division

The TC cars Solihull Barons rounded off a disappointing weekend with a loss to the Whitley Warriors on Sunday in a game which saw the Warriors clinch the Moralee league title.

Andy Whitehouse wins the face-off (S Crampton)

The Barons would get the opening goal on five minutes off of a powerplay chance. A shot by Tom Soar was parried by the pads of Richie Lawson in the Whitley goal but the resulting rebound came to Rich Slater who instinctively fired home from six feet out. Further powerplays came the Barons way in the first twenty but little pressure could be put on the Warriors during these spells and there was no change to the scoreline. More here.