Mulcahy brothers to return

The TC Cars Solihull Barons will field two sets of brothers as siblings Daniel and Phil Mulcahy join the Brittle brothers in the 2019-20 roster.

Daniel Mulcahy (S Crampton)

Teenager Daniel Mulcahy shared his playing time last year between the Barons and the NL & U20 Coventry Blaze. Having racked up the points last season with the Blaze teams he also chalked up his first goal and assist at Moralee level while in a Barons shirt. The move to a full time place on the Solihull squad will allow the youngster to continue his development while also being a useful playing piece on the Barons forward lines.

Barons coach Daniel Brittle was very happy to see the younger Mulcahy committing to the step-up :

“Dan is an exciting young player, he sees the game well and has an excellent hockey brain. He had a great season with us in the games that he played and I can see him going from strength to strength.”

Phil Mulcahy (S Crampton)

22 year old Phil Mulcahy will return to the Barons after a spell away last year which saw him ice for the NL Coventry Blaze. In 2017-18 he had however shown himself more than capable at Moralee level with his busy play in the Solihull forward lines, hustling around the goal crease and corners which saw him accrue 28 points including 9 goals.

Daniel Brittle was delighted to see Phil Mulcahy return :

“Phil is welcomed back with open arms, he was a big miss last year and is one of those players you just don’t enjoy playing against! He has a track record of getting points but more than that players who play with him, play better! He has a good influence on his line mates and is always winning the puck back. A right little terrier!”

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Whitehouse, Maurice and Perrin sign for 2019/20 Barons.

The Solihull Barons are pleased to announce the return of Andy Whitehouse, Matt Maurice and Elliott Perrin for the 2019 / 20 Moralee season.

Andy Whitehouse (S Crampton)

Andy Whitehouse will be back in September for a ninth season with the Barons. The centre has been a model of consistency over recent years and the new season should see him become the second most prolific player on Solihull team sheets, bettered only by Phil Lee.

Matt Maurice rounding the Warriors net (S Crampton)

Matt Maurice will also be a welcome returnee to the Barons forward lines. The 21 year old has emerged over the last four years as being strong on the puck, able to shrug off anything less than the best of checks and has become a consistent goal scorer, finding the net a dozen times last season.

Elliot Perrin (S Crampton)

Defenceman Elliott Perrin will be back for a full season with the Barons having joined the squad mid-season last year from the Nottingham Lions. While primarily brought in to help secure Solihull’s defensive zone, Perrin showed his competence at both ends of the ice with seven points from 11 games.

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Rogers and Crowe back for more as Farrell and Luke Brittle take time out

The Solihull Barons are happy to announce the return of two Barons stalwarts for the 2019-20 season in the form of defensive pairing Dave Rogers and Rich Crowe. While both players are still just entering their mid-twenties the upcoming season should see both edging into the all-time top five of games played in a Barons shirt by the end of the season.

Dave Rogers readies himself (S Crampton)

Having flirted with the forward lines in the past, Dave Rogers is now a fixture on the Solihull blue line and was good for thirteen points last season. A popular figure among the supporters Dave is known for playing with a bit of an edge. Despite not being the biggest guy in the Solihull dressing room, he has shown himself willing to drop the gloves with any who ask on a regular basis.

Rich Crowe (S Crampton)

Rich Crowe will start his 9th season in a Barons uniform and the Solihull number 6 will combine a safe at home game coupled to a big shot from the point.

Luke Brittle (Harish Chavda,

Sadly not returning for 2019-20 are the forward pairing of Luke Brittle and Elliott Farrell. Luke has been a major force on the Barons first line wing over the last two years with 26 goals in the last season but work will take him away from the area and he will be unable to return come September.

Elliott Farrell cuts through the Tigers (S Crampton)

Elliott Farrell joined the Barons from the Bracknell Bees when he came to the Midlands to do his degree. The speedy forward found the net 8 times last season but his degree’s work place will see him move down South for the year and so he too will be unable to ice for the Barons.

Such is hockey however and the Barons are actively talking to a number of players for the new season and will be holding trials at the end of June or early July for those who look to be a good fit. Stay tuned for more news as it comes !