The Barrys – Best Training Player : Phil Mulcahy

The Barrys – Best Training Player
Phil Mulcahy

The TC Cars Solihull Barons are pleased to announce that Phil Mulcahy picks up the Barry Award this year for Best Training Player awarded to those for whom Thursday nights are the time to put on their A-game !

Dangie’s appraisal of Phil :

“Phil is your stereo typical 2 steps forward one step back player, so good in training he earns a top spot, then you watch him in games and it all changes! In honesty Phil is another integral part of the team and a guy everyone hates to play against, well many also hate to play with but that’s not for now! He is going from strength to strength and I’m sure there’s more to come.

Phil Mulcahy found himself at the bottom of a scrum at the end of 1st (Harish Chavda
Phil himself reflected on the season past :

“This group of guys we have at Solihull are the best teammates you could ask for and that’s made it fun to be a Baron this season.

“Winning the cup was obviously a highlight of the season but in all honesty, with the quality we have, I feel like we should have done more.

‘Next season, whenever that may be, I know we’ll all be giving it 100% to achieve our potential and I’m excited to show everyone what we can do.

“Thank you for my award and I look forward to seeing you all again once we’re back at Hobs Moat Road

Phil Mulcahy goes wide this time (J&K Davies)

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The Barrys – Most Accidental Assists : Tom Soar


The next ‘Barry’ award goes to Mr Tom Soar – a man with a sniper’s eye for net – and a mole’s eye for assists.

From Dangie :

“More known for his goals than his assists, the odd one would pop up and often demonstrated an outstanding ability to make that impossible pass, like a night at crazy golf! The pass no-one else saw coming, off the goalies leg pads, off the boards behind the goal, off the netting and all often disguised in a slapshot style!”

Tom Soar breaks away (S Crampton)

…..and from Soarsy himself :

“I’m thrilled to be announced for another award. It was a pleasure to pull on the Barons shirt for another season, thank you to all our fans that part with their hard earned cash to watch us play the game we love.

Very occasionally Tom does provide a conventional assist (S Crampton)

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The Barrys – Best Power Kill Forwards : Nik Ottosson & Adam Brittle

The Barrys – Best power kill forwards
Nik Ottoson & Adam Brittle

Free from their normal pressures and perhaps, their normal companions, some players can thrive on special teams. Two players in particular made the most of any poor discipline by the Barons to show what they’d got. As Dangie says :

“To prove they didn’t want to be on a line with Soarsy or Phil respectively Nik and Addie always seemed to up their game during penalty kill, leading to the apt nickname of power kill. Opponents could rarely regain possession and the two minutes would often fly by. After all they had enough practice.”

Adam Brittle tangles in the final few minutes (S Crampton)

Reflecting on the award – though not quite knowing what it is for – Niklas reflected :

“I hope you’re all well during this difficult time!

“It has been a strange season that came to an end way to early. I feel like we had a lot more to give and was looking forward to the playoffs. I think we could have gone all the way which makes this unpredictable ending even worse. When it comes to the league we weren’t happy with the results, we wanted to win everything this year and with the players we have got in this team we should be up there.

Niklas is devastated to find out he has two minutes of Soarsy free ice time (S Crampton)
“It’s a great team both on and off the ice and it’s always fun to come down to the rink with these lads.
“When it comes to this award I just want to say thank you to everyone in and around the team who’s been looking after me since day 1, and of course to all the fans because without you we wouldn’t be what we are. Dangie won’t tell me what award it is but it’s always nice to win an award. Always a good feeling to know that people appreciate what you do whether it’s on or off the ice.
“”Thank you and I hope to see you all soon!
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